Kuala Lumpur, 17 December 2010 - In conjunction with the launch of .myDNSSEC on the 16th December 2010, a 1.5 day .my DNSSEC Workshop 2010 was held at The Royale Chulan between 15th December through 16th December to share techniques and experiences by .my DOMAIN REGISTRY as well as to provide hand-on exercises for participants on how to deploy DNSSEC on their own DNS servers.

The workshop was attended by a total of 50 participants, the maximum number of seats available for the workshop. Regrettably, many who are still in the waiting list had to be turned away. The workshop organizers were indeed grateful for such an overwhelming support given by the public.

The speakers for the workshop consist of two of .my DOMAIN REGISTRY’s very own staff and another invited speaker. DNS basics was presented by Mohd Noor Fadli to establish a proper foundation in DNS before the participants are initiated into the world of DNSSEC. Fadli is a Network Operation Engineer and is in charge primarily with regards to the Database and zone file generation.

The participants were then introduced to DNSSEC concepts by Yong Yaw Eng and the reason why DNSSEC is needed. Yong is the Project Leader for DNSSEC. He has successfully deployed DNSSEC for .my when .my DNS zones were signed on the 9th Oct 2010. He is also actively involved in the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain meetings especially in giving the updates and sharing the .my experience in the DNSSEC implementation. Prior to the DNSSEC Project, Yong was deeply involved in implementing IPv6 for .my DNS which was launched in August 2008.

After the introduction to the DNSSEC concepts, Yong presented a simple and basic DNSSEC tool known as ZKT that will ease the implementation to enhance the understanding on implementing DNSSEC.

In the following half-a-day, Amir Haris Ahmad of LocalHost Sdn Bhd gave a presentation on OpenDNSSEC, another DNSSEC tool for DNSSEC. This tool is a much more complex and feature rich solution to allow the participants to experience another way of handling DNSSEC. Amir was a Senior Researcher at .my DOMAIN REGISTRY before moving on to Localhost Sdn Bhd as the Chief Security Officer. He has also won many IT related competition in 2010.

Participants went away armed with new knowledge and .my DOMAIN REGISTRY hope that this will bear fruit by having more DNS Administrators deploying DNSSEC. Many has expressed that it was a fruitful time of learning and valuable experience in the hands-on session after each section by various speakers. Many look forward for future workshops that will be organized by .my DOMAIN REGISTRY.

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